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Relax. Reset. Renew.

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It's a lifestyle.

iLiv is Charleston's Premier Detox and Sculpting Spa. Our unique detox massage includes lymphatic drainage massage and Brazilian sculpting techniques, a magnesium body wrap that is paired with an infrared sauna session. This combination helps to alleviate inflammation, increases energy, and leaves the body more contoured and defined. The ultimate client reset!


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Our detox treatment is our signature treatment at iLiv! The perfect blend of lymphatic, deep tissue, and sculpting. Reset your body to feel better, lighter, and sculpted.

Increase circulation and de-bloat with our lymphatic massage treatment. Great for reducing inflammation and stagnant fluid in the body. Add a sauna for the perfect combo.

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Our sculpt treatment reduces stagnant fluid in the body resulting in a more toned, sculpted, and slimmed look for the ultimate decrease in inflammation 

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For all the mamas-to-be, this one is for you. This is a fully customized service based on your needs with extra attention to the lower back & hips.




A client of mine with chronic inflammation in her hips saw an Instagram video one night and sent it to me, saying, "I NEED this massage!" It was a combo of lymphatic drainage and deep tissue work. We start by dry brushing to prep the lymphatic system, apply magnesium oil to soothe sore muscles and inflamed joints, wrap in key areas of major lymph nodes and congestion, and sweat in the infrared sauna. After the sweat in the sauna, I dive into the massage pumping & squeezing the muscle tissue to further decongest inflamed tissue, move lymph, and sculpt muscles and tissue. This leaves the body reset, free of excess, and moving in a harmonious state. 


So why the sweat? Sweat therapy is one of the most beneficial and efficient ways of ridding the body of waste and excess. A hard sweat every day can help the body keep inflammation and water retention at a minimum, boost metabolism, and regulate hormones. As I reached my late 40s and now move into my 50s, I use sweat therapy every day to keep my body functioning at an optimal state, whether in a heated workout or in the sauna. And I wrap once a month to reset completely. I guess I’m a sweat addict and I want everyone to be one too! 


owner, iLiv massage


iLiv is the best in town! I go twice every month, and it's the best 90 minutes of my week! I leave feeling so refreshed and relaxed. I won't go anywhere else!

- C.

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